CBI misuse to protect Amit Shah

Narendra Modi’s government direct and open interference in the functioning of the CBI has led to the dropping of serious criminal charges against BJP’s national president Amit Shah in the case of kidnapping and cold blooded murders of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife Kausar Bi and eyewitness Tulsiram Prajapati.

This case proves beyond any doubt that it is extremely important to free the CBI from governmental control, since the investigating agency has acted purely in a manner which the BJP government wanted it to.

It is shocking that the CBI, which in its successive status reports before the Supreme Court and in its bulky chargesheet presented in the special court earlier this year, had described Shah as the lynchpin of the conspiracy, suddenly took an amazing u-turn to protect him now.

The deliberate cover-ups by the CBI are too glaring to be ignored. The Aam Aadmi Party challenges the CBI to answer the following questions, if it has any answers :

1) Why did the CBI not appoint a special public prosecutor in this case?

2) Why did the CBI response to Amit Shah’s discharge application not mention that he was the main conspirator of this case?

3) What was the reason for such a limp response to Shah’s lengthy discharge application?

4) Is this not a fact that a junior counsel argued merely for 15 minutes as opposed to three days of arguments by Shah’s lawyers?

5) Why did the CBI not oppose permanent exemption for Shah when his lawyers sought it?

CBI arguments were merely technical and superficial in nature. The conduct of the agency raises serious questions about its independence autonomy. A wishy-washy approach against Shah leads to suspicion of an insidious conspiracy between the government and the CBI to let Shah off the hook.

➡ CBI autonomy has been a matter of fierce debate in the country during past few years.

➡ BJP in the past had accused the agency of being the Congress Bureau of Investigation and had promised to make it free of political meddling

➡ The AAP will raise the issue at every forum to prevent the country’s premier investigating agency from being compromised.

Press Release by Aam Aadmi Party

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